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What is KOSHER? According to Wikipedia: Kosher foods are those that conform to the rules of Jewish religion. These rules form the main aspect of kashrut, Jewish dietary laws. Reasons for food being non-kosher include the presence of ingredients derived from non-kosher animals or from kosher animals that were not properly slaughtered, a mixture of meat and milk, wine or grape juice (or their derivatives) produced without supervision, the use of produce from Israel that has not been tithed, or even the use of cooking utensils and machinery which had previously been used for non-kosher food. You can read more here ...
Jews in Queens, NY? Based on a 2002 study, there were 186,000 Jews in Queens, NY. In Queens, largest Jewish communities are in Fresh Meadows, Kew Gardens, Kew Gardens Hills, Jamaica Estates, Bayside, Flushing, Rego Park, Forest Hills, and Hollis Hills. It seems original community was formed in 1907 by Jews moving from Manhattan's Lower East Side. Then in 1970's large number of Jewish emigrants arrived from former Soviet Union. You can read more here ...
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